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Here are some Huge collections for sale, with over 4,700 Miniature Books, being the most prized possessions. There will also be photos of other sale items.  

 For those of you that are MBS members, please EMAIL to the listing in the directory.  All others, please utilize email link:    info@miniaturebooksforsale.com or books@miniaturebooksforsale.com
 An EXCEL or NUMBERS file of the miniature book inventory will be emailed to you. Indicate your request. Feel free to ask for more photos on miniature books and/or the other collections 

I reserve the right to not sell some items. I update the  list monthly. Only the latest list with prices will be honored. To request list or correspond, PLEASE indicate "miniature books" on subject line. 
Personal checks accepted from MBS members. Paypal is accepted (with 3.9 % added to totals to cover fees). 

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